S e l l i n g   o n   D e c e m b e r   2 0 ,   2 0 0 8 . . .
ND Classic Sale • Bismarck, ND
TT Annie Okley 827U
TNT Gunner x KS Black Cloud
EPDs: 6   2.5   42   71   3    10   31
Annie is a super fronted big bodied heifer that will catch
the eye of many. Her EPD’s are impeccable with a 6 for
CE, 41 for WW and 71 for YW, with tremendous milk.
Annie had a ratio of 108 within her contemporary group.
Jeff found this heifer right away and we thought long and
hard before parting with her. Make a point to look her up
on sale day.
BTS Ms Gun Powder 814U
KenCo/MF Powerline 204L x SAC Mr MT 73G
EPDs: 4   0.8   26   50   1   10   23
This Powerline heifer has the look to go many places.
She is a sweet fronted as you will find, with tremendous
volume and rib shape. Her mother has been a super cow
for us with her first heifer calf being retained in our herd,
followed up by this super complete female. Ms.Gun Powder
will be one to watch this summer when the Jr shows
roll around.
BTS Black Magic 810U
KMK Alliance 6595 I87 x RFS H91
EPDs: *   0.3   44   85   *   7   29
These I87 just keep rising to the top year after year. Black
Magic has the ultimate cow look to her already as a calf.
She is long bodied, big rib and has more middle as we
have sold. Performance is build in the sweet female as
she indexed a 109 with a weaning weight of 818 pounds.

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